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Vist Sarah's Web Site!

Welcome to the number one web site on the Internet for the greatest and finest in Anime and J-Pop music: EXTREME ANIME RADIO!

This preview of the upcoming site while which is expected to be finishing up in the next few months. From this page you can access our official station guides and brochures, learn more about our mascot Sarah Yoshida, and order cool merchandise. Of course you can also listen to Extreme Anime Radio. The old interface can still be accessed to request your music and log in to the Enhanced Listener Service.

We thank you very much for listening to us, and thank you for your patience as the new web site continues to be worked on!


Is this your new web site?

Yes and no. We are currently in the process of developing a new web site for Extreme Anime Radio. Expect new new site to be arriving in the next few months.

Why the temporary site?

The appearance of the old web site had been "frozen in time" for the last year and a half. While request and ELS functionality still exist, we decided it was time to move on to a refreshed look in the short term.

What can I do from this web site?

On the home page we have links to the major functions of Extreme Anime Radio. You can use our old web site interface to continue requesting music and logging in to ELS. You can also click to listen to the station via our page on LoudCity, donate to us, read our various brochures and learn about our mascot

Where can I learn more about what's happening with this web site?

We post all updates regarding Extreme Anime Radio on our Facebook page, The Facebook posts are also simulcast to our Twitter feed, @animeradio or

We also provide updates pertaining to the station in our official Extreme Anime Radio PDF guide, which can be viewed or downloaded free of charge.

What is Extreme Anime Radio?

Extreme Anime Radio is the number one place on the internet for the latest, greatest and finest in Anime, J-Pop, J-Rock and Video Game Music. We've been small broadcasters of this station for over 11 years, longer than most other stations out there that play this kind of music. We broadcast our music and our various radio shows 24 hours a day over three Shoutcast feeds. All of our over 8,500 songs can be requested in real time through this web site.

How do I request a song?

Click on the "Music" link on the top navigation bar to be connected to our old interface where you can search for the song that you want. You can search using one of several key words, including anime series, singer or group, or song title.

How long does it take for a song to play on the station?

Under most circumstances we are required to delay requests by at least one hour before they are played, due to copyright laws in the United States Code. In some instances, requests may take longer to be played.

Can I request more than one song at a time?

Our current limits are that you can request a song once every 30 minutes, and as many as five times within a 24 hour period. If you sign up for our Enhanced Listener Service (ELS) you can request double this amount: twice every 30 minutes and up to 10 times within 24 hours. Note that these limits are subject to change at any time.

How do I sign up for ELS?

Please read our ELS guide and follow the instructions. You will have to access our old interface to sign up and pay for an ELS account.

Do you have any programs on the radio station?

Absolutely! We usually have at least one live show every week, with other prerecorded shows by DJs as well as shows with certain music chosen at random by our station computer. For more information please read our official Extreme Anime Radio guide.

Who is that cute red-headed girl on your web site?

Why it's none other than our official mascot, Sarah Yoshida! Sarah was originally designed for one of our radio shows, and was promoted to station mascot when ownership of the radio station changed hands in November of 2010. She's hip, she's cool, and she now has her own website, Here you can learn more about Sarah, read her stories, and see numerous works by our official artists and by fan artists from around the world.

Do you accept donations?

We sure do! Extreme Anime Radio has been a hobby and a labor of love for as long as it's existed. Financial contributions are the primary way that we defray our monthly operating expenses, and they allow us to continue bringing you great Anime and J-Pop music.

We primarily accept two types of donations: Straight donations of any amount that can be made by clicking on the Donate link on our home page, and monthly contributions for our Enhanced Listener Service that give you additional requesting privileges.

We also accept sponsorship contributions, as well as advertising. Please read the relevant brochure for more details.

Hot Links.

Donate to Extreme Anime Radio

Extreme Anime Radio brochure

ELS Brochure

Advertising Brochure

Sponsorship Brochure

Programming Shows (all times ET)

       7:00 AM - Anime Retro Classics
     11:00 AM - Anime Retro Classics
       3:00 PM - Anime Retro Classics

       8:00 PM - JRHorse Side Project
     11:30 PM - Remix Express

       5:30 AM - GT lounge
       8:00 PM - Background Noise
     11:30 PM - Remix Express

       9:00 PM - Analog with Allvah

       7:30 PM - The Request Show
     11:30 PM - Remix Express

       7:00 PM - J-Rock Till You Drop
       8:00 PM - Live from the Cr/\dle
     11:30 PM - Remix Express

     10:00 PM - The Jinfluence
     11:00 PM - Extreme Remix

       2:00 AM - GT Lounge
       8:00 PM - Remix Express
       9:00 PM - GT Lounge

Current Staff:

Daniel Amsler (NefCanuck)
- Quality Assurance, DJ: Background Noise

Ryan Datsko (MysticWhiteDragon)
- Website Development

Warren Fernandez (Katsuhiko Jinnai)
- DJ: The Jinfluence

Jordan Martin (Merrihop)
- Imaging and Community Relations, DJ: Request

William McCann (Allvah)
- DJ: Analog

Michael Morris (Keiichi-san)
- Station Founder, Consultant

Jose Ramos (JRHorse)
- Station Manager, DJ: Request, Side Project

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